10 Interesting Space Facts

Space facts

Space is full of mysteries and many peoples are trying to solve these mysteries. Still, there are a lot of facts related to space that most people don't know. So in this article, I will tell you about some of the most exciting space facts that might don't know.

Outer Space

Outer Space is full of mysteries and exciting phenomenons. The universe is so big that it seems to be endless. As a reference in front of the universe, our Earth is not even the size of an atom. This is how big the universe is, normal people can't even imagine.

Interesting Space Facts

There are a lot of space facts that the majority of people don't know. Some are those facts are mentioned below.

Planets formation

Initially, there were only meteoroids in our solar system. But due to several collisions, gas explosions, and condensation, several planets started to get formed. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are formed of clay and rock, and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are formed of gas.

Diamond Planet

In our galaxy, there is a planet fully made of diamonds. 55 Cancri E is the name of this planet. It is several light-years away from our Earth. 55 Cancri E is also known as Super-Earth. It is 2 times larger than our Earth and fully made of graphite and diamond.

Pluto also has landmasses like mountains and volcanoes

As you know, lava comes out from the volcanos situated on Earth but on Pluto Ice comes out as a form of a volcanic eruption. On Pluto, in these volcanoes, water is under pressure, and when the pressure is at its peak the water gets converted into ice and comes out in the form of an eruption.

No sound in Space

In space, as there is no atmosphere, there is no medium for sound to travel.

Saturn can float on Water

Saturn is mostly formed of gas and it is less dense as compared to water. So, it can float on water.

In our Solar System, Mars has the biggest volcano

In our solar system, Olympus Mons is the biggest volcano that is situated on Mars. It is 3 times larger than Mount Everest.

Venus is a windy planet

The speed of the winds is 50 times greater than the speed of the rotation of Venus.

Neptune's winds are the fastest

The winds on Neptune are the fastest in our solar system around 2,575 kilometers per hour.

The universe is huge beyond imagination

Our galaxy consists of 100 billion solar systems, and there are 100 billion unknown galaxies in our universe.

Mars rock found on Earth

Several rock samples found in the Sahara desert and Antarctica belong to Martian origin. This proves that there was some connection between Mars and Earth.

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