How to view the mobile version of a site on a PC

View the mobile version of a site on a PC

Now-er-days, there are many mobile users especially Android users who use their smartphones to browse the internet. But still, the majority of internet users browse the internet on their desktops. So, for desktop users who want to browse their internet in mobile version, here's the correct method.

What is a Site Mobile Version?

Mobile Version of a site is another version of that site specially optimized for smartphones. For some websites, except for the size, the mobile version looks completely the same as the desktop version. But, there are some websites with a different desktop version and mobile version.

Mobile version of a Site on a PC

There are a lot of methods to see the mobile or different version of a site on a PC. Here are the easiest methods that you can use to do this task.

Using Inspect tool or DevTool

Go to the desired site, and then click on the right mouse button pointing the cursor at any blank place. Now, click on inspect, or you can directly press Ctrl + Shift + I to open the DevTool. To get a better perspective, change the dockside to right or left.

Now, use the Toggle Device Toolbar button or icon next to the Select an element button or icon. Or, you can directly use Ctrl + Shift + M to access the Toggle Device Toolbar. After that, you will get an option to change the phone model to view the site on that phone. Change as you want it to be.

Using the Restore Down button

Open any site, and then click on the restore down button situated in between the minimize and close button on your browser. After that, resize the window as you want by pointing the mouse cursor at the edge.

By pointing the mouse cursor at the edge, you can resize the window as you want. But, the best you can view the mobile version is using the DevTool. This method gives you an approximate view of the mobile version of a site.

Using Responsive Design Checker

There are several online websites that show the mobile version of a website on a PC. Go to google, and search responsive design checker, and open the first link. Enter the desired URL and click on GO. Now, it will show the desktop version, tab version, and mobile version of that desired site. You can also switch between different devices.

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