5 Types of Web Designs

types of web designs

Web Designs are of several formats that you can create. Web designs depend on the creator's thinking but here is the basic format of web designs that you can be inspired from.

Types of layout

  • Fixed layout:- Fixed design layout means a design with a specific size fixed by the web designer.
  • Responsive layout:- In the case of a Responsive design layout, the web designer tries to make the whole design more responsive for most of the cases.
  • Static layout:- Static Page Layout means the layout is fixed and will not shift according to the browser width.
  • Dynamic layout:- In the case of Dynamic Layout, the web designer tries to make a fully interactive design that can serve different contents.
  • Fluid layout:- In the case of Fluid Design Layout, the web design shifts according to the window size.
  • Single Page Layout:- Single Page Design Layout is a design consisting of a single HTML page.

Types of web designs

Flat Web Design

Flat Web Design is a very simple design with a clean layout and bright colors. It is not too complex, so many peoples like this design. But as it is very simple, some peoples don't like this design. It is a 2D user interface that looks very simple and attractive.

Single Page Web Design

This Web Design is a web design for a single page or one HTML page. The single-page web design is not very common but still is popular. This design is light and good for mobile users.

Minimalist Web Design

As the name suggests, minimalist web design is a very minimalist design without any unnecessary elements. This design is very popular and common in the web world. Minimalist Web Design comes with basic elements and a very simple user interface.

Illustrative Web Design

Illustrative Web Design means a web design with a lot of elements, drawings, and illustrations. This design can be presented in many ways like retro, classic, and many others. The illustrations totally depend on the creator's creativity.

Typography Web Design

Typography Web Design is a web design with a lot of different fonts and typography. But a lot of typography or different design layouts in your web design is not useable. Using a lot of typography or different design layouts can decrease the web's loading time. So be careful while using typography.

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