Does it matter where I put my modem?

Does it matter where I put my modem?

Yes, it does matter.

A modem is a device that takes the cable medium (coax cable, phone, fiber, etc) from the IPS and converts it to ethernet (not just converting the cable but the entire data structure).

Modem placement definitely matters because it makes a high impact on the quality of WiFi connection and Internet speed of your device. The more there will be distance between the modem and your device, the weaker your signal will be. It slows down the WiFi speed. More distance can adversely affect your device's performance.

You just need access to the two communications systems you are bridging, such as cable, fiber, telephone on one side and your router on the other side. If it is integrated into your router that wants to be near the center of your wired network. Of course, your router might also have an integrated wireless access point, which wants to be near the center of your house.

If you have those ADSL modems which are ethernet only, it won’t matter much unless you put them in direct contact with water, with high heat, or under extreme conditions really. The other ways it would matter are cable management and general maintenance(typically none). Long cables weaken the signal and twisted cables (even ethernet) generate some amount of interference.

For better performance certain thing can be done:

  • Keep your modem near to your TV which will be best suited for streaming videos on TV.

  • Never put it outside in the rain, unless it is in a weathertight box.

  • Keeping the modem in a packed place will block its signals and hence affect its working fluency.

  • For the best experience, keep it in the same room where you generally need a WIFI connection. This will be suitable for gaming and watch online videos.

  • Do not put it in close proximity with other WiFi routers especially if they are on the same channel.

  • If it is a cellular modem that uses external antennas, you should put it close to your antennas to keep the antenna cables short. They are expensive and lose more signal the longer they are.

  • Keep your modem in a place where its reach is easy to your device. Open places like the center or hall of your house will be the best place for Modem. So that you can have the best possible connection with your device.

  • Everything that can be wired should be.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight. Electronics can overheat, and the sun just makes that more likely.

If you only have a modem then you need to just make sure you have wired connectivity from the modem to the device on which you are going to access the internet. That device could be your Laptop/PC or maybe router (with or without WIFI) so you can share your internet connection along with multiple devices.

But if you have a “Modem + WIFI Router” device (which is mostly provided in India by ISPs) you can place it anywhere as long as you are getting proper WIFI signal strength in every room of your house. You can use some third-party apps on your mobile phone to find out the WIFI signal strength in different locations in your house and you can adjust your modem location.

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