How to call without a SIM card?

Call without a SIM card

SIM cards are one of the most important physical factors used in a smartphone or feature phone. Everyone uses SIM cards to make calls locally or globally. But, most smartphone users don't know that they can call without a SIM card.

Several methods are mentioned below that you can use to call without a SIM card.

WiFi calling

Wifi calling is only available in only in some android devices. If wifi calling is not available on your smartphone you can try to download the wifi calling apps available in the play store.

Whatsapp calling

Almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp supports both high-quality audio and video calling. So, you can also call through the WhatsApp calling feature by connecting your phone to wifi networks.

Paid Calling

Paid Calling is not highly suggested as sometimes it takes a lot of money. To call without a SIM card, you can use some paid services by buying its subscription. You can buy its monthly subscription, yearly subscription, long-time subscription, or talk time-based subscription. But, you can use other free methods as paid calling is an expensive way of calling without a SIM card.

Telegram Calling

After the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy, Telegram has become more popular. Like WhatsApp, you can also voice call and video call using Telegram using your WiFi connection. You need fast internet or WiFi connection for a clear and high-quality audio/video call.


There is a cell phone technology called CDMA that doesn’t need nor use SIM cards, and yet they provide a cell phone number that works in cell phone devices that are compatible with this standard CDMA. By the way, there are many cell phones nowadays that are compatible with CDMA AND (at the same time) could also accept a SIM card, thus being compatible also with GSM (which uses SIM cards).


Right now, not every smartphone supports eSIMs. eSIMs are the electronic SIMs that you can use in place of physical SIM cards. Many flagship brands like Apple, and Samsung brings support for eSIMs. You can transfer your physical SIM card into an eSIM by contacting your SIM provider. And, using the eSims you can make calls with the same quality as the calls using the physical SIM cards.

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