5 Best Web Security Tools

Best Web Security Tools

Before selecting a useful security tool from the list of best web security tools, you have to know about some important factors.

Types of Target

  • Websites
  • Specifically Targeted

Types of Threat

  • Code-based vulnerabilities
  • Password theft
  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Volumetric attacks
  • Malicious bots
  • Human-like bots
  • Backdoors

Resources to protect

  • Website
  • Database
  • Servers

Best Free Web Security Tools

The best web security tools on this list are completely free. Even on some websites, you don't need to log in to check the web security.


GtMetrix is a very authentic tool for checking the web's performance. Go to GtMetrix, paste your web link, and then click on test. It tells your web's LCP(largest contentful paint), CLS(cumulative layout shift), and TBT(total blocking time). Also, it provides a deep analysis of the top issues for free.


Quttera is a useful free tool for web security. Go to Quttera, paste your link, and then click on Scan for Malware. It will scan all the files linked to the provided web link, and gives the scan report. You can also check the detailed scanned report, which provides the number of Malicious files, Potentially Suspicious files, and Suspicious files. Also, you can check the scanned files analysis where you can check a lot more on issues. But, you should verify and deeply analyze before taking an action or deleting any code.

UpGuard WebScan

UpGuard is a great site for checking web security. Go to UpGuard, scroll down, and under the tools section, click on web scanner. Now, paste your web link, and then click on get my free score. The report will give you UpGuard Security Rating, and the top issues that you need to fix. Importantly, don't delete any code without proper research.


Pentest-Tools is an online tool for web security. Go to pentest-tools, click on scan, then paste your web link, and then click on free scan. There are two scan options that are light scan, and full scan. The light scan is completely free but for the full scan, you have to register. In the Vulnerability Scanner Report, you will get to see risk ratings, and the top issues. But, don't remove any code before researching properly.


ImmuniWeb provides a lot of security tools. Go to ImmuniWeb, then go to web security check, and then paste the link and click on scan. But its scan can take up to ten minutes. It directly tells you that the following factors are secure are not.

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