7 Best Web Hosting Providers

Best Web Hosting Providers

There are so many providers for hosting a new website. Web hosting should be secure and reliable. In my experience, choosing hosting companies based on business lifetime rather than a discount is much better.

Factors you should check before buying web hosting.

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Total number of domains
  • Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Monthly Traffic limitation
  • Security
  • Dedicated Business Email (Not so necessary)
  • Free Migration
  • 24*7 Tech Support
  • Renewal price after the first payment

Types of Web Hosts

Web hosts come with different plans from affordable range to premium range.

  • Shared web host
  • VPS web host
  • Cloud web host
  • Dedicated web host
  • WordPress web host

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Best Web Hosting Providers

I think these are the best and popular web hosting providers you should consider while choosing the best one.


Greengeeks is one of the popular web hosting companies that are secure, eco-friendly, and fast. It provides several nice features but sometimes its price fluctuates. Overall, it's reliable hosting.


NameCheap provides some affordable hosting plans with basic features. You can use NameCheap if your budget is tight. Also, if you are a beginner then NameCheap might be the best web hosting for you.


Godaddy is one of the options for web hosting. It gives decent features at a decent price but its customer reviews are mixed of negatives and positives. So, you should read the customer reviews before purchasing hosting.


Bluehost provides some great additional features at a decent price. Also, it is a secure website hosting with some great features.


Hostinger provides some great plans at a great price, and it provides some of the best customer support. It provides all types of hosting plans from affordable range to premium range. Also, it's a nice web hosting for beginners to start with as it provides affordable plans.


It is a fine hosting provider with cheap to expensive plans. If you are a beginner then Hostgator can be a good hosting for you. Hostgator brings decent features at a decent price, so it comes under a list of best web hosting providers.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fast web host that brings several great features at a decent price. It brings a lot of great features for beginners and other users. There are several plans for every budget. Also, there are some mixed reviews for A2 Hosting, so read the reviews before purchasing the hosting.

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