Best Web Application Language

best web application language

There’s no best programming language. Though many programming languages may seem alike, no two of them actually act the same.

If you want to be a developer, here are some languages you should learn:

  • HTML:- For showing basic text, images, etc on a webpage.
  • CSS:- To make a webpage look beautiful.
  • Javascript:- to perform some function on some events, like clicking a button.
  • PHP/Python/RUBY/or any server-side scripting language:- For running some scripts on the server-side like showing friends of a particular user and not all the website users.
  • AJAX:- (Asynchronous JavaScript) To load elements without reloading the page.

According to the categories, you can choose the best web application language for your purpose.

  • Web development (Back-end): Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Web development (Front-end): JavaScript
  • Game development: C#, C++
  • Mobile development: Swift, Java, C#
  • Systems programming: C, Rust
  • Desktop applications: Java, C++, Python

Best Web Application Language


Similar to Ruby, but it offers different frameworks such as Django. The only problem is that not all hosting services support Python. Python is a very popular development language used by many developers


Ruby can’t be mentioned without Ruby on Rails (web framework). It is definitely one of the popular web frameworks in the recent decade.

Cons of Ruby: Typical web hosting provider does not supply it, and you may have to use a cloud server to deploy your own ruby app. Also, I don’t think Ruby runs faster or scales better than PHP (this observation was a few years back, so not sure if that is still true).

Pros of Ruby: Ruby on Rails is meant to quickly get you started with assumptions on certain conventions (such as MVC or Model View and Controller).


You can build a web service or app in C/C++ if you know the basics of C/C++.

Cons of C/C++: Not a good choice if you are hoping for a popular web framework. You mostly write your code as CGI scripts.

Pros of C/C++: Very memory efficient, and fast, because it is all compiled and ready for use.

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