5 Best Chrome Features

Best Chrome Features

One of the most widespread internet browsers that you can use in 2021 is Chrome. It consists of many interesting and useable features. You can use Chrome on every device like mobile, tablet, and laptop. Many users use Chrome as their primary browser. So, there are a lot of audiences that use Chrome. Here is the list of Best Chrome Features that are very useful.

Best Chrome Features


Chrome has an interesting Extensions feature. The Chrome Web Store has many useful extensions that you can easily install. In the Chrome Web Store, there are a large number of extensions almost for every purpose. Visit the Chrome Web Store, select any extension which you want to use, and after that click on add to chrome. You can use the installed extensions anywhere in Chrome with one click.


Bookmark is a very important feature, especially for students. You can save any page on chrome as your bookmark to visit it in the future. Open any page on Chrome and click on the star icon next to the URL and then click on add bookmark. You can view all your bookmarks by click on the double right arrow situated at the top right corner on the starting page of Chrome.

Multiple Profiles

You can keep multiple profiles linked to multiple emails in the Chrome browser. To add a new profile, click on your existing profile icon and then click on add. After that, give your new profile a name, and also you get the option of color customization. Also, there is also a button to create a shortcut button or a desktop shortcut button to that profile.


Without customizations, things become very repetitive and boring. But not with Chrome, you can totally customize Chrome's homepage as per your choice. Click on the customize button or edit icon situated on the downright corner of Chrome. You can change the image in background, shortcuts, and theme color.

Incognito Window

Incognito Window is a window that doesn't store any of your data and cookies in your Chrome browser. It is a popular feature of Chrome. Tap on the triple-dot menu situated on the top right corner and click on the new incognito window. The Incognito window doesn't save any of your search data in your browser. But those data are visible to the pages you visit, and also to your internet provider.

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